Friday, July 2, 2010

ListHub announces Smart Text CRM as a new channel partner

A new channel is coming to the ListHub distribution network, Smart Text CRM. Read below to learn more about the new options that will soon be available to your members.

Smart Text CRM

In November 2009 Smart Text CRM introduced the leading customer relationship management (CRM) software in the real estate industry. With every real estate agent that uses the cutting-edge software the buzz about the new Smart Text CRM technology grows exponentially.

The patent pending Smart Text CRM software is the first true two-way texting technology in the real estate industry. Currently most mobile communication featuring home sales has been limited to one-way communication. The prospect texts a site and receives the real estate information. However, the two-way texting technology developed by Smart Text CRM now allows real-time communication between the potential home buyer and real estate agent, a vast improvement. A prospective buyer drives by a property, texts a five-digit message shown on a ‘For Sale’ sign and instantaneously receives a mobile listing back for the property. The mobile CRM software provides pictures, virtual tours of the property, links to videos, and descriptions of the property. The fully-comprehensive software instantly generates more leads and more sales for agents in a non-intrusive and customer friendly manner for prospective buyers.

Based on the National Association for Realtors statistics, the biggest market is, and will continue to be new home buyers between the ages of 25-34 years old. Mobile device sales continue to soar each year. Texting has become part of everyday life for the majority of the U.S. population and particularly the 25-34 year old demographic. On average, 4.1 billion text messages were sent and received per day in 2009, doubling the same statistics from 2008. In 2008, text messaging replaced phone calls as the top method of communication on a cell phone. The Smart Text CRM software is a necessity for agents looking to lead the way into the real estate mobile revolution.

For prospective home buyers, Smart Text CRM provides a convenient way to find out instantly the pertinent information about properties. For real estate brokers and agents, Smart Text CRM provides a cost-effective and effortless mobile marketing CRM platform.

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